Friday, December 27, 2013

Amusement Park

This years gingerbread house turned out to be an amusement park : ) I love these kinds of projects where my kids are involved and I can't be too picky about colors and things, the assembly bit was mine to deal with and I tell you it was not the easiest of tasks… Still have a few parts we want to add to the park, but they will have to wait a little…

We started with the ferris wheel, printed out the patterns that I found online here and started cutting them out from the dough, then we bought all the candy we could find and started decorating, always the most fun bit ; )

We decorated first, assembled afterwards and I tell you that is not the most easy part, but trying to decorate the insides of a ferris wheel wouldn't have been easy either so we opted to do it this way ;)

It was obviously very important that all the Lego figures got to try the ferris wheel, and they all seemed very happy on the ride ;D 

Next up was to decorate and assemble the carousel, a lot of small pieces and tinkering and tankering to get every bit to sit just right, but lo and behold a carousel it became and cars were the only option as rides I tell you ; )

I really liked how these turned out, I am not usually a fan of lots of colors, but these are just deliciously bright and whimsical.

 Hoping you enjoyed this glimpse into our gingerbread project this Christmas.

 Have a Wonderful Evening 

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