Friday, December 27, 2013

Cookies for me 

After all the colorful cookies, amusement park etc. I wanted to make some cookies in a color scheme that I love, plain black & white. I have had a long pause in everything cookie and baking, and it feels really good to be reminded of how much I love creating things and pushing my limits. I often joke about my lack of patience, but making these I realize there might just be hope for me yet... ; ) Of the above cookies my absolute favorite has to be the damask ornament, just love it! 
Amusement Park

This years gingerbread house turned out to be an amusement park : ) I love these kinds of projects where my kids are involved and I can't be too picky about colors and things, the assembly bit was mine to deal with and I tell you it was not the easiest of tasks… Still have a few parts we want to add to the park, but they will have to wait a little…

We started with the ferris wheel, printed out the patterns that I found online here and started cutting them out from the dough, then we bought all the candy we could find and started decorating, always the most fun bit ; )

We decorated first, assembled afterwards and I tell you that is not the most easy part, but trying to decorate the insides of a ferris wheel wouldn't have been easy either so we opted to do it this way ;)

It was obviously very important that all the Lego figures got to try the ferris wheel, and they all seemed very happy on the ride ;D 

Next up was to decorate and assemble the carousel, a lot of small pieces and tinkering and tankering to get every bit to sit just right, but lo and behold a carousel it became and cars were the only option as rides I tell you ; )

I really liked how these turned out, I am not usually a fan of lots of colors, but these are just deliciously bright and whimsical.

 Hoping you enjoyed this glimpse into our gingerbread project this Christmas.

 Have a Wonderful Evening 
Coffee Cup Houses

Hello there Lovelies, it has been a long time since I last posted anything on my dear blog. I even thought I wasn't going to blog anymore, but thankfully inspiration struck me again and here we are : ) I cleaned up the blog a little bit as well, to make it a bit less cluttered and having it focus more on cookies which is my biggest passion when it comes to all things baking, I hope you like it!

And now to the houses above, I got a wonderful idea from my dear mother already a year ago on how to make small gingerbread houses that you can place on the rim of your coffee cup. But only now did time and inspiration coincide for me to make them. And I looked at them again at Megans "not martha" blog and just had to try and make some finally! I think they turned out really cute, and I'm already thinking about a million different ways I could decorate them ; )