Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Cookie Spoons

I got a spoon shaped cookie cutter as a gift recently and since I just absolutely LOVE coffee, OK lets be honest, in a CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT way, I thought how nice wouldn't it be to have just a little something sweet to go with my coffee and that would look nice as well, and there you go; cookie spoons it is!!

I really like them, they make me smile and obviously pose endless possibilities of how to decorate them, and yes I already made one with a Xmas tree on it but I ate it immediately so as not to leave any proof that I start Xmas too early around here... ;D But can't you just imagine a hot cup of spicy glühwein and a Xmas tree decorated cookie spoon to go with it?? Well I can.... YUM!!

And I am really happy to say I decorated these this morning and lo and behold out of the blue I was asked to have them ready by the afternoon so in a box and off they went, I really hope the recipient likes them as much as I do : )

Have a Wonderful Autumn Evening 

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