Wednesday, July 20, 2011

 Birthday Boy 

OK, I have to admit images of the strawberry cake I made my youngest for his birthday were continuously haunting me, so today I just HAD to make him a new cake to make up for the one made in haste because of the moving frenzy... Thankfully I had packed my edible ink printer well and I took it out, printed one test pic on rice paper and it was as good as new : ) And I asked youngest what might his favourite image be, and there was no hesitation, the Angry Birds green pig ;D 

This was my first attempt at printing on a frosting sheet with backing, I have previously only printed on rice paper so this was a new experience but the end result was really good!!

I covered the strawberry cake with butter cream and sprayed the top with some water mist before applying the frosting sheet, and it was really easy (might be beginners luck ;D). The print finish is much smoother on the frosting sheet compared to rice paper so it will definetly be my preferred choice at least on cakes, rice paper might work best on cookies though... And then loads of whipped cream all around the cake and hey presto, a more befitting cake for a 7 year old emerged ; )

Off for another swim, see you again soon lovelies!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Happy Independence Day y'all!! My brother threw a party for his friends and I made them some chocolate cupcakes as dessert, topped with chocolate buttercream and star sprinkles, they disappeared quickly I understand ; ) Wow, these are actually the first cupcakes I have baked in I don't know how long and OMG the mess in the kitchen was insane but such fun to be back to baking again : )

Hope you had a wonderful day!!