Friday, April 1, 2011

White Ruffle Cake

Ok, lets start by honestly saying this was supposed to be a flower cake, like this one or this one, but well, that didn't happen ; ) And I am not entirely sure this fills the requirement to be called a ruffle cake either..... But I have to say I LOVE this one, there is something wonderfully delicate about it, even if I can tell you I have NEVER used this much buttercream on a cake, EVER ;D But there is one HUGE problem, I refuse to cut into it, that is why there is no picture of the lemony insides yet because I just don't have the heart to do it after all that piping ; ) But I have promised my little kidlets that we will eat it today, so we will see I might have to cave in.........

Have a Lovely Afternoon 


Ok, I have to admit, it actually hurt a bit to cut into this cake ; ) but I'm ok now, very yummy, but having all that buttercream, Ohhh My!! Need a nap, stat. and the kids obviously don't.... Sugar rush anyone... ;D

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