Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Princess 

Today my eldest goddaughter is celebrating her 10th birthday So a pink&green cupcake girly theme was in order : )

" Little girls are made of daisies and butterflies
and soft kitty cat purrs
And all the precious memories of times that once were.

Little girls are made of angel's wings and giggles
and a firefly's glow
And all the happy feelings, deep inside, that we all know.

Little girls are made of cinnamon and bubbles
and fancy white pearls
And snowflakes and rainbows and ballerina twirls.

Little girls are made of sunshine and cupcakes
and fresh morning dew,
And these are the reasons, little one, why everyone loves you."

- Karen Barnes -

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Girl 

My youngest goddaughter celebrated her 3rd birthday this weekend, and I wanted to surprise her with a little birthday house and some cookies with herself on them, cuteness overload 

" There's magic in a little girl,
In shining eyes and tossing curl,
In winsome smile and dimpled cheeks
And music when she laughs or speaks
There's magic in a little girl, it's true
Best wishes to your little girl and you. "

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookies for the Office

Here are some Angry Birds cookies I made for my brother to take to The Office today, if y'all use your imagination just a bit you can probably figure out which office that is... ;D Obviously they are Valentine's Day themed, due to the new Seasons update coming today...  Photo copyright belongs to Rovio Mobile.

Cookies for School

Alrighty, eldest came home one day and told me "Mom, I have informed my teacher that I will be making Angry Birds cookies to sell at school baking day!" (Read: "I will obviously not be making them Mom, you will....") Well, y'all probably already realised this family is a huge fan of said game and birds, so obviously this was a challenge I was up for ;D

I asked permission to use Angry Birds pictures on my cookies and happily my wish was granted, photo copyright belongs to Rovio Mobile, many thanks to my dear brother for making that happen. These images are obviously edible... ;D

Some cookies I drew by hand, and well.... at least they look angry methinks... and the fish, I have NO idea why they are there... and that's all I'm going to say about these cookies..... ;D

I  threw in a few wintery cookies as well, just in case not everybody wanted Angry Birds cookies, needless to say, next time I can definetly skip the wintery ones and concentrate on the birds instead ;D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chocolate Birthday Cake

And here it is, the actual birthday cake. This recipe will remain a secret, but I will tell you I have never made a cake with this much 70% dark chocolate in it, EVER! It was pretty dense but that is the essence of a real sachertorte : ) I decorated a cookie to go on top of the cake, with an edible image of the little birthday boy, cute doesn't even begin to describe it ♥ 

Have a Wonderful Evening!!

Chocolate Cake Trial

I was asked by a dear friend of mine to bake a cake for her son's first birthday, and so the hunt for the perfect chocolate cake recipe began. I remembered I had seen a really nicely decorated cake on the wonderful blog of Tove's, Baka baka liten kaka, that I was just dying to try. The cake contains loads and loads of whipped cream and nougat and all kinds of yummy stuff, BUT, it just wasn't what I was after, I realised I am more fond of a dark chocolate sachertorte with apricot jam, even if all that nougat sounded fabulous. So above you see the nougat version with a sugar, cocoa & buttercream frosting, wasn't very fond of the consistency of the fillings, so I opted for another recipe for the actual birthday cake. I did stick with Tove's wonderful idea of using nougat wafer rolls as a border and a ribbon to tie it together, will post pics of the actual cake in a bit.

See you soon!!