Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Boy

Today is a special day, my godson's 1st birthday :D And I sooo felt the little prince needed a blue little birthday house of his own, and obviously some cookies to match 

" A year's gone by,
How time has flown,
We can't believe
How Noa's grown!
He's such a joy
And so much fun,
Oh my! Noa's 
Turning One! "

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red Damask Cupcakes

Long time no see! Well, obviously not... ;D I just had to decorate a few more... got a bit hooked on this new rose tip technique and practice is the only thing that makes perfect! This time I coloured the buttercream with Wilton's Christmas Red. I really love the wrappers, there just is that certain something about damask, don't you think!? And it doesn't all have to be black now does it... ;D

Have an Enjoyable Evening!!

Valentine's Cupcakes

Today was supposed to be all about cleaning but lo and behold that didn't happen... main focus was on baking, this time cupcakes, can you imagine? ;D Anyway,  I most oftenly use my trusted Staedter star tip for decorating cupcakes, but today I felt like learning something new, and stumbled upon the above technique, using a rose petal tip instead. I made some buttercream icing according to this recipe I found on the lovely "Baka baka liten kaka" blog. I then coloured half the icing with Wilton's Rose icing colour and used a bigger rose petal for the white and a smaller one for the pink icing. I really like the end result even if it took a while to master the use of the rose petal tip but it was sooo worth it : )

As you can imagine this project has not done wonders in the cleaning department, so off I go and do some chores, but got quite an energy boost having eaten all that buttercream frosting...

See you again soon. Xoxo Christine's Corner

(ok got to admit Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure, and just couldn't resist the above ;D)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doves and Roses

Time to give the blog a more Valentine's Day suitable look What do you think? I sure think it's nice with a new look for a change : ) Planning all kinds of fun things for Valentine's so be sure you will be seeing lots and lots of reds and pinks and hearts and doves etc. etc. etc. in the coming month :D

Have an Excellent Evening Everybody

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes

And here they are, my new favourite cupcakes, dark chocolate topped with dark chocolate ganache!! Love everything about them, made some that I drizzled the ganache onto, and some mini cupcakes with piped cooled ganache, but these with my gold sprinkle hearts are my favourite : )

Have an Enjoyable Evening!!!

Carrot Cupcakes

Time for some cupcake recipe experiments, first up carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, very nice indeed. Extremely happy with how they turned out, will definetly make these again : ) Next up chocolate cupcakes, be back in a sec....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Angry Birds

I am SOOOO thankful I have kids so that I can do stuff like this and get away with it ;D

Here's a little clip especially for you :D  Enjoy the Madness!!!

 New Year's Cupcakes

I got another wonderful blog update email from i am baker, and just had to try these out :D Loved the idea of sparkly fireworks on my cupcakes!! Some practice is obviously needed, but think they turned out really cute : ) And my sharpest critics, my 3 boys, gave them a thumbs up and that's all I need!!

Excellently Happy New Year 2011!!!