Saturday, November 6, 2010

Svenska Dagen

Today we are celebrating "Swedish day" in Finland, and my sister is having a party for her friends and I made some cookies for them, and mostly for lots of laughs I decided to make some yellow and blue cookies to fit the daily celebrations :D But what I really want you to focus your attention to is the blue icing in the lower picture!! I got a wonderful blog update email from i am baker and in that post I found the answer to all my icing troubles, i am baker's glaze icing!!!! I am actually wondering if it 's possible for a person to fall in love with icing, but I certainly have!! I will never ever again use anything but this icing on my cookies, LOVE it!! It is easy to make, easy to spread, wonderfully shiny and best of all really tasty :D Thank you for this Amanda!!! Remember to check out i am baker, it is full of the most creative wonderful cakes, cookies and more : )

Have an excellent day!!


  1. LOL I love your passion for all things cookie! And your cookies certainly are gorgeous! The colors and designs and execution are just beautiful! Really well done!


  2. WOW u should see the smile on my face, it's really dark here in Finland right now and I think I just lit up the whole country when I read your comments =D A sincere THANK YOU! I just LOVE everything about your baking and blogging, puts a huge smile on my face every time and everything is just beautiful!! And the mere fact that someone understands that one can love cherries without actually liking to eat the real ones is priceless!! :D