Friday, September 10, 2010

Christmas Cookies ;D

Well obviously Xmas is far away, 105 days still to go :D, yes I am an absolute Xmas nut... but I just felt an urgent need to test baking and decorating some cookies so I have time to perfect my skills in time for Xmas when everything gets hectic and FAST, so going to continue with this project tomorrow, it is soooo much fun, but it does take quite some time and it sure does create quite the mess in the kitchen... 

The cookie recipe is from the fabulous site of Mansikkamäki, obviously also the place that inspired me regarding the decorations, but I am far from ready or pleased with this project yet, want to try loads of different techniques, one especially interesting is brush embroidery so will be back...

Have an excellent start to the weekend : )

Brush Embroidery

Allrighty, here is my first try at brush embroidery and I have got to say, I like the effect and I think this makes the cookies more "edible" since they have less stuff on them... I mean don't get me wrong I absolutely love beautifully decorated cookies but when it comes to taste less is more :D

I decorated these this morning and when my son came into the kitchen he asked, "What time is it Mommy really?" I said why? He said isn't it a bit too early to be making cookies?? ;D Loves it!

Is it ever too early or late to bake?? :D

PS. Here are a few more cookies... just wanted to try different things, thus lots going on on these... ;D


  1. Beautiful! But a bit early yes... ;)
    On the other hand you inspired me to write a christmaspresent-list! This year I will not go shopping on the 24'th! :)

  2. Thank you sweetie :D Fairy lights in the garden anyone? ;D Excellent idea to start thinking about gifts, check out the "Christmas List" app for the iPhone it kept last years gifts sorted :D