Monday, September 20, 2010

Chocolate Cookies :D

The cookie experiment continues and I have to say I am beyond pleased right now, I know that's a bit pompous since it has to do with cookies I've made myself... But you know when you have an idea of something you want to try that you have never tried before and then it just works out :D Total happiness!!

I tried a new chocolate cookie recipe today from the fabulous book "CAKES for Romantic Occasions by May Clee-Cadman of Maisie Fantaisie" and I am soooo pleased! I used chocolate flavoured confectioner's sugar to make the royal icing so that was easy and then added white royal icing to make the hearts with a tooth pick :D

I tell you even if it is midnight I am sooooo going to eat some of these right now, because I just cannot resist them, they look too yummy and smell divine!!

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