Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chandelier Cookies

Got my new stencils from Designer Stencils today and first of all I cannot believe how quickly they arrived and secondly, well I am beyond chuffed at the moment :D This was my first try with stencils but I can only imagine how well they will turn out when I have a better brush and I NEED to try these with food colour spray, the finish will probably be much more precise, but so far so good!! I made the chandeliers and damask with Wilton's black icing colour. The cookies are still the same chocolate cookie recipe as before with white royal icing on top.

I also made some Aunt Jemima pancakes drenched in syrup as an evening "snack" and I tell you stuffed doesn't even begin to describe it.... And the state of my kitchen right now is utter CHAOS so see you later, would do anything for the mess to just disappear but alas that is not going to happen....

Have an Excellent Evening :D

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