Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter =D

I've had a secret project this week, making cake decorations for my godson's Christening today =D I wanted to try my hand at making a baby because we had joked about it with my dear friend and I just could not let the thought go.... ;D I found a great mould on eBay by Karen Davies, here is my first ever baby decoration project made with marzipan that I coloured with Wilton's icing colours =D

Here are the decorations I made yesterday of which some ended up on the Christening cake today =D These are a combination of sugarpaste and marzipan to get a nicer blue colour, since Wilton's White-White icing whitener that I ordered didn't make it here on time ;D I used Wilton's Royal Blue for most of the decorations and Rose for the face and hands : )

A really fun project indeed and what an EXCELLENT day it has been today =D

Hope you have had & continue to have a wonderful Easter holiday!!

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